We all admit to the fact that the ozone layer is depleting and we have created so many such products that have played a part in destroying it.
However, things have been getting better and scientists and designers have merged ideas to create ecofriendly gadgets that allow a safe environment, as well as great output. Cork is one of them.

Cork is very light and ranks at a very high degree for its insulation properties, making it a great material to use around the home which is safe and definitely economical. It is known for its insulation properties.

Cork is basically a very natural, recyclable, renewable and biodegradable material that has a very raw and timeless appeal. This is because cork comes from the nature itself and its not made so obviously every piece is different from the other, offering a multiple deal of grain, patterns and color choices which looks very appealing and eye catching.
Hence, the LED technology which is environment friendly has been mixed and merged with the great structured design with the creative and fun Pinha Lamp.

The lamp is manufactured by two brilliant people, the Lamp permits you to customize the lamp according to your own will and desire and the way you want to structure it, using amazing printed paper, patterned textiles different vinyl, wallpapers etcetera; as far as your imagination can expand, it allows you to design it the way you desire. This is a plus point for the kind of people who keep on personalizing everything with the creativity with in them.

Giving in the final vote for a lighting competition, the lamp brilliantly features the idea of personalization and therefore attracts customers of all types. Especially the ones who like to put in a touch of them in everything.

The design of the pendent lamp can be easily altered according to your desire or the interior design of your house or apartment. If at any time one feels the need for a small change in the house or thinks of moving away to another apartment where the interior design and decorations are entirely different, he or she can take out the lamp’s shade and can always replace it with your own creation of paper or textile (or any other material that you may like which will not be harmed or effected by the bulb).

The low thermal and electrical conductivity of the cork lamp ensures that the user is going through safe handling of the cork shell. The foundation of the lamp is created with the help of pieces of cork that come together without much effort. There has to be no technical command over this process because it is easy and is not any kind of rocket science.

The shade of the lamp can be placed in different positions, so it has been made easy for you to find out the perfect shade in terms of both size and shape for your Pinha Lamp.