Books are our best friends, and our unmatched guides. Seeing people more involved in the books their hands hold, and oblivious of their surroundings isn’t a rare sight. Even better, there are actually people who’d care about the comfort of their books, and find ways to make sure they are kept safe.

These trends aren’t marginalised when it comes to designing or revamping our homes. Gladly, our homes and their fixtures can easily be synchronised with our love for books. Latest trends of wall units, to make our living rooms look jazzy and unique can easily be adjusted to house as many books as we wish. The best feature of these unique ideas is the fact that they help us utilise the large wall spaces of our living rooms very economically, and can serve various purposes besides the role of being the guardians of our literature. Having your very own library, at your very own residence isn’t a dream anymore. Not only this, they actually cater to the multitude of our leisurely needs all in one space!

Televisions actually hold the pivotal position when it comes to the living room, and the embellishments are just another very important need. These modern wall units make sure that you do not miss out on any of the living room components, and still be left with space. The appropriate colours, textures and designs can add a great deal to the aura to this most occupied space of the home. With custom designed wall units, you can ascertain that your aesthetic preferences and desires are preserved.

Vertical wall units never move out of fashion, and give the advantage of being mobile. Proper colours and just the perfect height to go with the rest of the living room fixtures can add points to your living room decor, giving you sufficient space for your books, placed alternately with appealing vases and decorations. The compartments in the unit can be painted differently, in a mosaic fashion to make it look as chic as it could be.
Wall mounted wall units are exotic and can cover great lengths of your living room wall, giving you more space to stack your book collection. Intercepted with small cupboards to give you that extra, cutlery cramming space is another decent option to go along with.

Glass wall units are luxurious, with a royal tint. Glass cabinets with see-through glass doors, equipped with shiny, metal knobs are splendid. With recessed lighting in these compartments, you can make your small library gleam with a soothing glow, adding style to the living room décor. This isn’t only a unique design, but also the one which effortlessly flaunts for you!

Have a spiralling flight of stairs, and still need more space? Your problem has been solved. Even with a floor intercepting your wall-long book unit, you can easily fix a continuation of it in the wall right above the one below! The stairs now look more like the vintage ladder our predecessors used to climb up to the higher racks, for more books.

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