Having a cozy and comfy living space will certainly be nice and so is this Urban Retreat, an iconic living spot in New York City. The loft is made by Paul Rudolph, with its unique setting and marvelous arrangement. Paul Rudolph, the architect, transformed the loft in 1960s from the 19th century simple spot into modern home in four stories model. The loft itself is situated in Upper East Side in Manhattan, New York.

This loft alone now belongs to Halston, a fashion designer that has turned the living room into gathering spot to entertain his guests. The spot used to have wall carpeting, which was then replaced by oak white floor with balustrades on the catwalk and the mezzanine. It is no surprise if the house is sold around $38.5 million because it is purely an artistic piece. Every inch of the loft definitely shows high taste of art making the loft another masterpiece in New York City. Look at how excellent the stairs are. They may look so simple but highly artistic. Then, take a look at the bedrooms that are created with stunning design. In each bedroom, wood is the strongest element.

From the exterior look, we can admire the solid structure with combination of natural brick and glass walls. It allows natural lights to come in, as well as providing nice view for the inhabitants. The inner side incorporates open space design with little partition. Even the spot where the ground floor with its warm fireplace, the stairs, and the upper area looks open and spacious. The light wooden floor with the dark border surround it looks contrast and appealing, making it a great focal point.

Everything about this place exudes exclusivity and modernity. And since everything is designed and arranged in open space model, you can certainly expect free viewing ability that will take your breath away.

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