Ropes. Well, if you were asked what is the most significant purpose of ropes, most of you would definitely say “suicide.” Others will say binding, tying knots, constricting things – jeez, that sounds a bit too much like Christian Grey. Rest assured, we’re not going to give you a tutorial on BDSM for beginners – our only concern is. . . ropes. Suppose you have some spare rope lying around at home – and you’re not a mountain climber, even if you are, let’s suppose you’re not – what would you do witht hat spare rope? Unless you decide to go tie someone up, probably nothing useful would come out of the redundant rope – and not all of us are Mr. Greys.
So what happens to the rope?

Reuse, recycle, remake. Yes sirs, what we are telling you is to get a teensy bit creative – and maybe get your hands a little dirty? Not the figurative dirty, the literal dirty. After all, we all have soaps, right?
So what has to be done is basically, reusing these ropes – and we’ll tell you how to do it without wasting any extra money and ending up beautifying something even more. That “something” is none other than your flowery flower vases. Vases – who doesn’t own them? Pretty much everybody living on Earth owns at least once – we’re not so sure about people living on Mars – but everybody one Earth, certainly.

Take up the rope, dust it off, and get to work. If you’re wondering whether we’re making fools out of you, then no, we’re not. Since it’s not April Fool’s Day yet (though soon!) and because your vases will actually look a lot cooler than they did before if you use your previously useless rope on them.
Surprised? We bet you are.

However, once you do it you will end up being more satisfied with your new vase than you were with your plain old vase. What you have to do is basically get artillery, – and by that we mean a hot glue gun – one of your vases (or all, if you prefer), and of course, ROPE! Nothing could be simpler than this little flick: take the gun, start pasting glue from the lower side on the vase, and then commence rolling the rope around it. Keep spiralling the rope up the vase as you paste glue (or you can get a sibling or a friend to do the pasting for you, after all, many hands make light work) and paste the rope on till it reaches the very summit of the vase and HALT! Sounds a bit like David Baflour of Shaws climbing the abruptly ending staircase in the dark tower, right? Well, R. L. Stevenson surely knew what he was up to when he was writing Kidnapped. Or maybe he had had his go at the same art flick as we’re suggesting you to. . .

Anyway, coming back to ropes, now that you’re done, stand back and have a long, content, satisfied look at your vase. Looks good? We bet it does. You could also, for want of variety, use ropes of different textures and colors and use them artfully. Not only vases, but jars, bottles, and much, much more can be wrapped in rope and look absolutely fantastic. Rustic – but fantastic.
Thus proved that the best wrapper is rope – ah well, Eminem fans, take note!

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