Rivers signify hope, and billow peace. With each wave, and every tiny tide, a river has so much to say and so much to teach to us humans. Considering all the solace associated with a river, nothing could ever be better than a personal dwelling right next to a low-lying river.

However, designing a riverside house, which exudes luxury and grace, is an arduous task. However, it has been skilfully accomplished with the designing of the mesmerising Rappahannock River House, which is sited in Virginia.

One of the most unique and outstanding features of this house is perhaps that it is all glass, and less wall. What could be more splendid than a riverside abode which provides a panoramic view of the river and its world outside?

This place beautifully amalgamates with the soothing aura outside. The sliding glass doors and an over-dose of glass walls make sure that you never miss out on any natural awe presented by your neighbouring river and the vegetation around. Complementing the charm outside are the wooden, lined panels which make up for the house’s floors and walls, resembling the patterns seen on a river boat.

During the day, the sunlight effortlessly drenches this space in its sublime glow, adding to its appeal. When night descends, the torch-shaped ceiling lights, fitted cleverly at regular intervals in immaculate rectangular stripes, are there to brighten up the wood and glass architecture in a golden-yellow gleam.
The inside of the house, however, features a very modern, jazzy look. The marble flooring is comprised of magnified, rectangular tiles, with very distinct separations. These tiles are very exquisite as their subtle grey-brown hues bolster the rest of the interior marvel. With this flooring, you can get rid of the fuss of carpeting.

The furniture is exotic in its design and colour. Unlike the traditional brown, sturdy or overly-fancy furniture to blend into houses as luxurious as this, a moderate option is chosen. The couches are a rich carmine spectacle, which match the chairs adorning the marble-top kitchen counter. Facing these settees is a fire place which is made up of exotic brown marble tiles. Adjacent to the fire place is a side compartment to house for you your favourite embellishments.

The kitchen, which is simple yet with a touch of unmatched delicacy, has a prevalent marble interior that is emphasised with a glossy finish. White, wooden cabinets act as joists for the glass-made cutlery compartments.

The bed-rooms are incredible. A glass wall, also serving as a shutter, has a king-sized bed right next to it. A chic bed sheet stylizes the whole room! The chair, stationed adjacent to the wooden bed has a funky yellow colour.

The toilets are no less splendid than the rest of the place. Warily designed to meet the modern standards, a mosaic pattern of dull white tiles elegantly marks the floor. A marble bath tub is built in a way to help you peek outside while enjoying a warm bath inside. Nothing could be better.

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