String lights is very colorful and playful wherever it is used. If you use it in your bedroom it will definitely give dreamy look in your room. Here is some way to give some dreamy look in your house.

• You can use string lights as bed may come in any shape or size.

• For a canopy bed you can use string lights by hanging them to create twinkling cover. They look magical and give you a feeling of princess. You can also use lights by hanging cover if you have no canopy bed.

• You can also use string light inside a board and use it as bed gives the feeling of a bright moonlight.

• You can use string lights over your bed. They will act as stars and give your bedroom an amazing look.

• You can place these string lights in a wood and use it as reading light. This will give a unique look in your room.

• You can use a transparent cover rather than bed board. Hide the string lights back of the cover to give a dreamy effect.

• You can use string light as ambient light and it gives the room a romantic look.

• If your room is in roof top, then décor your room specially pitched one with colorful lights. It will give a comfy look. You can use colorful pillows matching with colorful lights.

• A ladder can be used as a bed stand in a bedroom or as a decorative piece. You can use string lights to design it and give it more glamour brings a beautiful look in your room.

• The string lights are and can be used in any forms and designs. You can use it by writing your name or as a star. You can also use it in a furniture and give it a new modern look.

• You can also give simple rope a new look by using string lights on it.
You can use this awesome string lights anywhere in your house to give a dreamy look. Just apply your creativeness and imagination.