There are five types of house and apartment designs that are exclusively highlighted in December 2014. Each house or apartment has its own way to draw attention to. Let us check the latest trend of the previous year.

If you think that old industrial space cannot be reconstructed, then you must have not seen this cozy and spacious house. Magically rebuilt from industrial space, the house does not look as it was from that space. It feels airy and the bright colors fill up each room elegantly. There is a joyful and bright house that was renovated from an old cafe. This house looks amazing in the combination of colors. What a sight!

There is a beautiful glass house in New Zealand with its home furniture that is so modern minimalist. The view outside the glass house is breathtaking. It is guaranteed that this house is able to captivate every person to own it.

Another way to make your loft airy is to make layers of room just like this micro loft in Manhattan. The design of the loft make the loft spacious enough to be filled with furniture. Just ensure that you do not have to put furniture that looks stuffy in its shape. Some of you want to feel the nature inside your house, then you may look at a lively apartment in this jungle-inspired apartment. You can see how miscellaneous the interiors of the house. They are assorted freely but that is the character.


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