There are lots of attic apartments have been designed and created, but this attic penthouse is certainly stylish, classy, and highly exclusive in sense. The overall arrangement of the layout – as well as the overall items, décor, and accents – has been cleverly and carefully arranged. The overall furniture arrangement is impressive as well with the using of various materials from wood, concrete to ceramics.

This attic penthouse is located in Östermalm, a certain district in Stokcholm. What makes this penthouse even more unique is the fact that it is located in an old building dated back to 1882. The apartment itself covers around 1,646 square feet with ridge height reaching 61 foot. It includes two bathrooms, two bedrooms, a loft with loads of natural lights and sunshine. It has unique character thanks to the creation of stairs from concrete to be used as place to put the home accessories like vases.

Since it is an attic pad, it is quite normal to have slope ceilings. But since the ceiling itself is quite high and the pad incorporates open and wide plan, the pad doesn’t seem overcrowded or cramped. On the contrary, it looks roomy and spacious, with cleverly arranged furniture and additional accents.

It also uses skylights and large glass windows so more natural lights can enter and enlighten the place. The dominant white color looks harmonious and well combined with other colors. The light wooden floor looks matching with the blue and white stripes rug. The most used elements are wood and metal. For instance, wooden dining table looks great when combined with wooden dining chairs with metal bars and structure. The absence of partition is also great to make this pad roomy and big. Since all kinds of rooms and activities can be blended in, there is no clear marker of which area is for what.


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