There are many things in our home that are left unused. When we clean our home we find many unused jar which takes some of the space of the storeroom. These jar mainly comes from the foods we bring from the supermarket or someone send us food by it.

Some of the jar we may use for stocking different kinds of snacks, sweets and many kinds of food. But not most of the jar can’t be used and they remain as garbage in our store place. But if you are a creative person you can give this unwanted jar a new look and give your house a unique look.

Here it is an awesome idea to give your house a rare look by using the jar as chandelier. You just need some jars and lights to make these uncommon lighting in your house. You can use colorful jars to give colorful lighting. Just you have to use a long cord or chain from a hook and arrange them.

These lights will bring an extra light and glow in your house. You can use this chandelier in any space in your house. Use some printed jars which will give extra effect in lighting. The chandelier is not costly, just you have to use jars, cord, and lights and creative mind which is much needed.

Not costly like chandelier that are found in the outlets. You can use different types of jars which comes with different shapes. You can use a board or unused wood which can be found in the backyard. You give it a new look by coloring it.

Then use some hooks and make a beautiful homemade chandelier for your house. But be careful with the electric wire. Though you have knowledge about electric, it will be safe to call an electrician and make your chandelier safe to use. These chandelier is a unique showpiece with little budget.

If you can create beautiful homemade chandelier that attracts people you can start a small business of house this you will earn a handsome money and lead a lavish life.

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