This writing desk is an innovation, made by Schellmann Furniture. The source from the innovation is a piece from Donald Judd in 1984. This innovation made after 30 years and still has the original feeling because the desk is still strong and sturdy. It has a massive leg, layers for the storage and sharp corner. It is a perfect table if you want a desk that can bring the strong and elegant feeling into your room. This table itself is a classy one. You can put it into your house office room and it’s so comfortable to write and work in there.

You do not have to worry about the maintenance. This standing writing desk is requiring low maintenance; you just have to clean it up by using a dry cloth frequently. You must place it in a dry room that have no or low moisture level in there. You don not want to see this lovely furniture attacked by the mold, right? You just have to aware and check full condition about this desk at least once a month, for the best outcome that may give the big advantage for you too.

This desk have so many secret layers, you can use it as the storage all of your stationary. This desk is very helpful, you can use it for write and work then you can place things in there. You will find this writing desk is so durable; it can be last for over 20 years. If you taking care of this desk seriously, you can past this table into your children or grandchildren. This standing writing desk may be the best choice if you want to start writing activity and the best furniture if you want to make a small nice and warm office in your house.


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