What you can see from these pictures is that a unique and special design of a house which is constructed as a living and working environment as well. Harry Thaler designed this housing with the intention to make a minimalist yet practical style for a house. Named Atelierhouse, this house is a definite solution for modern people who love minimalist design as well as executing their high demand on working environment.

Looking at the pictures, you can that Atelierhouse comes with anything simple in its design, for instance in its its furniture, accessories, walls, ceilings, and even every small detail. The furnishing lines of this house are made with nailed pine and black MDF. The closet in this house is also made with unfinished wood as its exterior style and black-painted MDF as its interior one. The floor lamp of the dining table is made like industrialized pipe system.

High flexibility defines this house. You can see every single piece in this house mostly let the owner of the house to move fast and work hard. In response to those demands, the beds are even made with the front parts that can be closed anytime. Even, every tone of colors in this house define the owner’s mood to feel spacious enough to walk around the house.


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