While almost every other child is in love with the sports and cartoon character themed bedrooms, once the teenage years start to set in the novelty quickly wears off. The idea of their room looking like a little kid’s room is the furthest thing from being “cool” for most teenagers that you can fathom. Give your teen’s a room they would love to hang out in, add life to your teen’s room by simply using colors that exist by adding modern themes, accessories and furniture. Whether you are updating it or just giving your teenage child a makeover, here are a few tips to for sure make a room they will love to bring their friends over to chill in.


Your teenage child probably knows the latest music, clothing styles, and a great number of places to hangout on the internet and all of this became possible through pop culture. Bring all these décor items to their room with amazing wall art, furniture, and display decorative items that really are thematic. A teenage who is a music fanatic would obviously love to display cool guitars, electronic pianos and frame their concert tickets and program from the last music concert they went to. They will be really surprised how they can transform their room with items they love, while still using the old bones of their original room. Plus, they will love you for this.

While the traditional colors for girls and boys bedrooms are pink and blue, different shades of these color will help add in the maturity to your teenager’s room. For boy’s room, instead of just painting it all baby blue, pair up the color with more modern royal blue or any other dark color they would like to add in. you can always add natural browns to create a rustic and more mature, masculine room.

For teenage girls however you can pair pink with fuchsia, hot pink, black or chocolate brown to create a modern twist on your daughter’s room. If your teenage for example is unable to decide the right color for her or his room then the best option is to go for gender neutral colors such as purple, orange or green. These can be a wonderful option. Also try to choose more mature patterns for the beddings and window treatment.

Have you ever visited a thrift store or a used sporting equipment store lately? They are literally gold mines for your teenager’s room. A very creative room can be made out of the old surf-boards, sporting equipment, and even decorative pillows and bedding from second-hand stores. The school lockers are painted in whimsical colors and it creates decor that they can relate to, looks awesome, and now creates new organization.
You do not actually have to totally throw away everything from your teenager’s room when helping them modernize it.

Try to help them make a very creative space they will enjoy. From adding different cultures and mature colors to re-purposing everyday items, they may forget the room which used to be theirs. Your teens are old enough to make their own decisions so it would be better if you ask them what they’d like to see in their room. While you might not agree on each and every design detail, there is always a happy medium available. Help your child love their corner of the world in your home. Do not make them hate it.

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