A beautiful design that come up from the combination between wooden material and geometric design, it popular with geo style, but we will call it pure design. Geometric decor is combined with tribal design. It will make a beautiful and amazing thing. And Now, we will discuss about geometric design.

The Function of Geometric Wooden Pieces

Looking from this picture, it is wooden pieces coming from Trivet from Etsy shop HooknSaw. It can use as a hot pat, trivet, a wall hanging or a centerpiece.

kitchen trivet wooden-geometric

And this is from Ferm LIVING which is inspired from Copenhagen rooftops

cutting board from wood

All of us always need a cutting board right? Then why do not we make or buy some pieces of wood to make it like the picture below. It is a oak cutting board that made by ferm LIVING. They get this inspiration from Copenhagen rooftops

painted back shelf from wood

If you think about why we will love this Magical Thinking Geo Shelf that made by Urban Outfitters, by seeing this picture you will can get the reason. If you want it, you can purchase it now in multiples or groups.

geometic shelf wooden

Look at the picture, it made by West Elm. How amazing its combination. It is a perfect combination from metal and wood.

prism bracket for wooden design

If you need some planter, it is better for you to think in using wood planter. It can make your house more beautiful like this planter below that come from Urban Outfitters.

geometric wooden planter

Using Geometric Style as Decoration

If you want to make an artistic statement, you also can use wood to help you, such as this kind of 3-piece woo guardian that made by CB2.

geo form in bright color design

You also can choose this kind of geometric wood candle from Etsy shop ShadeonShape.

wooden candle holders geometric

Below is other kind of wood candle holder candle from Etsy shop Boga Home. It painted with green and gold geometric that make them more beautiful.

wooden candle holders

If you more interest with this triangle wood, you can check it out at Ruffled

geometric photo holders DIY

This is a wooden cube set with beautiful colors, it can help you in creating colorful configuration. (from Etsy shop Cabin & Moss)

cube blocks modern designGeometric of Wooden Furniture

This is collaboration between Glass Hill and David David. It really takes your attention, doesn’t it?

wooden geometric colorful chair

It is the new collection of CB2. Ceci Thompson is its designer and Stella Cabinet is its name.

colorful bands wooden cabinets

This table is compatible for you who like a light table. A table made by Angled Base Coffee Table from West Elm.

geometric wooden table

Geometric Wood Light

Other modern style that you can add to your home is two tone pendant lamp that made by onefortythree. It is creative right?

wooden veener pendant light

Give a glass for your lamp also can make your pendant lamp more beautiful. Look at this picture, don’t you want have it? (the SLoft Pendant Lamp from CB2 )

geometric wooden pendant light

This is a triangulation lamp that made by Restoration Hardware. If you get it one, believe that your family want to get it too, because it is a unique pendant lamp.

wooden polyhedron pendant lamp

If you have other drawn and geometric furniture, you can share it here.

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