A bathtub is main equipment of a washroom. It is a place you can spent time with a relax mood and have fresh bath. There are many types of bath tub. Many companies are making quality bath the company is Ludovica+Roberto Palomba. They are manufacturing some bath of their bath tubs is GEO 170X70.

GEO 170X70 is a fashionable and lasting bathtub created by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba in the year of 2012. It’s a portion of the Geo group and it has an essential and modern design. It attributes a solid outer cover and an elegant design with bendable curves that creates a complete geometrical elegant and exclusive form. The shapes are neat but accurate.

GEO 170X70 is a dyed bathtub which is 1700x700xh600 mm in size. It can be used in two ways either as a free-standing tub or fixed against the wall. It has adjustable design and range that grants to be simply addition in a different way of decoration. It’s perfect for both limited and large bathrooms. The decor is simple and elegant and it’s mainly due to the measurable appeal of the shape. But this obviously pure and simple bathtub literally offers much more than of your expectations.

The GEO170X70 also offers a warm tub that grants you to laze and help you to let all stress go. And for making bath to be more refreshing and interesting, the bathtub also has the system of an amazing one which allows color the water inside the tub in different color shades like green, aqua blue, yellow or orange. Also there is a light attached to the bathtub. In a dark and cloudy environment, the light is mirrored on the wall and around everywhere of the tub.

In the whole this bathtub is just amazing. Its feature is unique and stylish. This bathtub is now a popular brand. Because it brings a different look in your washroom. And the most appreciable thing is it is affordable and durable. Moreover it can be set in any space whether it is small or large. It’s only a detail that let you to improve up the surrounding.