Studies designers show that the world needs a new, more – functional and updated kitchens. Therefore Pietro Arosio creates completely new, delightful graceful glamour Board kitchens Snaidero.

These new kitchens fit perfectly in the most – small set of kitchen spaces, and are so attractive that difficult divert attention from himself.
Their appearance and surface attracts customers that can be used both in the professional field and at home.

The life that we live today, deleted the previous years, so the new designers are expected to shape up new things, depending on the wishes of customers, which leads to the conclusion that the creation of new products is required.

As if to respond to these wishes and requirements, the manufacturer Snaidero, a native Italian, started working on a project, the aim of which was to introduce new products at affordable prices.

Board kitchen is the result of this project! Complies with all requirements, the design speak for the quality of the Board, and functionality and is more secure.
Snaidero has managed to put into this compact design, but also a solution for every home, which makes this new area so desirable and necessary. In – the small model of the kitchen is designed for studio or small homes and apartments, and – biggest fits perfectly in large apartments or houses, as well as in the professional sphere, such as restaurants, hotels, and restaurants that offer food.

The working environment in Corian not only acquires a new form, but also increases the functionality due to the Board. You can see for yourself how little space occupies this kitchen, leaving enough space in the middle of the room, and its compact form will make everyone want to have it. The purpose of the kitchen Board is to merge with the situation and it makes it successful, thanks to its ergonomics.

One size 90 cm and 120 cm desktop, which also includes a sink and other accessories needed to work in a kitchen.
Thanks to its design, Corian kitchen countertop is protected from any scratches, resistant to shocks, and also prevents the growth of bacteria and the support is extremely easy.
There are about 100 kinds of colors and different finishes, so diversity is greater and the possibilities could be endless.

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