Many people want to have a fabulous living room design. It is because they believe that living room represents the personality of the house owner. From that reason, they create their house in formal living room style. It is a type of living room design that is well organized. The neat arrangement of the interior creates an elegant ambience. You can use some neutral or even bright color to show your own character.

One of the designs you can take into account is by using the beige themed room. The combination of beige and brown can perfectly combine each other. The proper light is also essential in enhancing the warm feeling of the formal living room. There are many types of lights you can use. One of them is the inset lights on the ceiling that can perfectly give the elegance of the room.

In this case, you do not need to worry if you want to have vintage themed room. You can place some classy formal living room interior, like a table, sofa, and even the wooden classy wall accent. The other color combination of formal living room that you can use is black and navy. These colors can build a strong image of you as the solid colors decorate the room. You can also use the white ambience in the wall and wooden floors to bring the warmth in.

The simplest thing you can take into account is by placing the custom carpet that has the same tone with the other furniture. This kind of formal living room design can perfectly give the luxurious feeling as you enter the room. You can place some insect lights on the ceiling and some wall lamps that can represent your warm welcoming to the guests. To add a decorative effect, you can use the beautiful dim pendant in the formal living room.

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