Nowadays people are making and bringing change in their home. Especially they are changing the design of their washrooms. And many company are helping the consumers by manufacturing different kinds of elements.
Wood is a very different material in the washroom. In previous time wood wasn’t preferred because of the dampness and the instability of getting rapidly deteriorated. Although, the wood is now altered and wood is now can safely apply in the washroom, even in the models of features like a bathtub or washbasin. There are many example, you will find a group of wooden washroom equipment and they all look very dignified and elegant.

There is a unique bathroom set assembled by Francoceccotti. It has all the items like washbasins, benches, bathroom, bathtubs, decorations and chairs. The equipment are especially attractive and stunning for the unique of the element they are produced for the washroom. This wooden bathroom collection is named “The Natural Range” and every piece has its own feature but they all has a pattern of a very balanced and unique collection. Additionally, since these amazing pieces are all made from wood, every equipment is special. It has little differences in condition of texture, for the natural timber grain.

The wood washroom set has two unlike bathtub forms. One of the bathtub is the Lympha bathtub which has soft boundary and a contemporary look and the other bathtub is Agua and it is a copycat of old-fashion washtubs and old classical form. Also you will find 3 sinks. They are the Petal, a elegant and rare piece, the Thalia which is awesome for its bowl like shape design and the Wave, which comes with its wavy lines.

The wooden set also contains a series of washroom accessories like as the Pedra which is known for lovely attire stand, the tail which is known as a serviceable bench, the Ligeira –which is a chic chair, it has also two tray .They are the Deck downpour tray and the Bridge wash tray.
In the whole this wooden washroom is very unique and amazing. And Francoceccotti has done a good job.