The fascinating residence in Hungary designed by Toth project offers comfy living. The minimalist style is created by the rectangular building with flat roof. Building with 900 angle shape and the pool in the middle space looks so fabulous. The white stone is arranged well near the pools surroundings the green greenery. Look so natural, right? In the overhang the black sofa and black ottoman are equipped to get fresh relaxation. The wooden flooring with horizontal line will vary the natural ambiance.

In the backyard of this home, the green garden is adorned with the grass and cactus. Meanwhile, entering to the living room, the comfy ambiance is created by the stunning sofa, ottoman, and lounge chair. The unique part is the long stand lamp with curved shape which spouts the stunning lighting in the night. The potted palm tree inside the room will affect the green vibe. The smooth painting is adorned in the wall. The artistic view is reflected through it.

The kitchen and dining room in one space will vary the enjoying dining and cooking with sensational ambiance. The kitchen is fulfilled by the sophisticated furniture such kitchen island, cupboard, and cabinet. The wooden flooring is used in this room, so it comforts you in the retro moment. In the hallway, the artistic painting is decorated to create fantastic view. So let’s imitate this design for building a home to get enjoyable living.


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