Tyler Engle Architects can easily be categorised as the most astounding craftsmen of our time. Their innovative ideas have served to completely revamp the projects they have handled, and have taken many aback owing to their unmatched designs. To help us substantiate this claim, we took to study their wittily stylised Park Side apartment, which stands as one of their most adored marvels.

This firm tends to conserve simplicity without compromising on the latest trends when it comes to renovating places, or designing them from a scratch. The grandiose site under discussion houses everything a modern home should be equipped with to satisfy one’s lust for comfort, relaxation and luxury.

The walls are comprised of sleek wood, with distinct dark linings to magnify its lustre and complement the wooden floor. The kitchen encloses marble top counters educed by metal bases, and metal cabinets which run along the length of one of the walls. No dark colour is apparent as far as this peculiar space is concerned, which completely fits in with the wooden walls. Immaculately lined LED bulbs are etched into the ceiling, further supplemented by vertically draping light volumes with an exterior which matches perfectly with the rest of the design.

These crafty designers have done away with the old, rectangular tables by substituting them with an elegant round table, with a thin marble top, surrounded by carmine coloured chairs.
The living room is devoid of any partitions from the kitchen, and is embellished with chic, semi-circular, revolving chairs fitted into their positions. Here again we have built-in, metallic grey wall drops, placed next to which are rectangular couches.

The designers at Tyler Engle made sure that they make the best use of the available space when they stationed two chairs facing one of the many windows which compose one of the walls of this loft. The naturalness of this place is remarkably preserved by these gigantic, and numerous shutters which let adequate light in, and also acts as aides to ventilation.
A pair of cabinets is fixed underneath each window, with a side rack to help you spruce up your living room with modern decorative items, or to simply place light lamps to brighten up the corners for a more dignified array.

The rooms are more glass and fewer walls, making it look more like a dream house. The small room still presents a neat, immaculate look thanks to these designers who came up with the idea of smaller, wall mounted cabinets for you to pile up all your things. The table faces the only window in the room, which is rather healthy scheme for those who have to work on this desk.

A tinted glass wall, with a shiny metal knob serves as a wonderful partition between the lavatory and the room. The long, rectangular wall mirror in the toilet and the grey, marble sink just below it is an alluring idea for a toilet.
This is house is a feast for the human sight, thanks to the profuse glass and wood architecture.

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