Modern architecture tends to present us with ideas so innovative that one could have only dreamt of. The art of turning our fanciest reveries about a cube-shaped home into a stunning reality couldn’t have been accomplished any better than the craftsmen at SHED architects, which happens to be an Australian architecture firm dedicated to leave its clients eye-popped.

Featuring a box-themed design, this cubical space is all one would need for the attainment of sophistication without the addition of a little too much of everything. Representing an architecture that is both striking and incredible at the same time, this brilliant home is a complete package with its lush backyard garden, and truly distinct interior which is absolutely jazzy!

The masterminds of this epitome of sheer perfection have deviated from the customary use of either same or impeccably contrasting colours, and have opted for something different and appealing. The colours used to adorn this lavish abode are a unique combination of white, grey, light-toned brown and with a tinge of orange every now and then. Bid farewell to your old white’s and excessively used interior paints.

Complementing the entire shape of this house are the tiles etched into the walls of its upper compartment, which are pixelated rectangular marble tile, grey in colour. Lined with white wood around it, this style is bound to leave an indelible mark on the memories of its admirers, who shall never be able to get over its grace and chic uniqueness.
The windows too synchronise with the rest of the interior, as they effortlessly give you a panoramic view of the rich trees and the beautiful backyard garden outside. The square, wide shutters are an important feature of this dream house, especially when we talk about the spaces which make up our living room, and kitchens. They don’t only act as excellent inlets for natural light, but also as aides in helping in better ventilation, especially as it gets humid during the summers.

Say hello to the red door, fitted next to which is a sleek, vertical see-through glass panel. A door painted a colour like red isn’t only rare, but is an extraordinarily splendid sight as you look at how exceptionally well it goes with the dark-toned brown wall exterior. The wall exterior is actually being accentuated with a red this bright!
The space housed by this cubical array has a very natural feel, which is further bolstered by the beautifully plain walls of white, that alternate with light-toned wooden walls. The marble flooring inside is just a continuation of the exterior grey tiling.

The fixtures are virtually made up of soft brown wood, with a matt finish. The flight of stairs leading to the upper floor is a major attention-grasping characteristic, owing to the incredible idea of wooden steps joisted by unadorned, white, and a metal railing.

Like the main door, the doors inside out stand our normal doors as they flaunt their sublime orange paint, which is reinforced by orange embellishments placed around the entire space.

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