Look at the gorgeous house which is built surrounding the fresh environment from below picture! Of course, by staying in the home like that, you will get the fresh living. The tropical ambiance can be gotten here. There are some coconut trees and other greenery that are planted around the space in this home. Meanwhile, the green garden is designed with well arrangement to get fresh relaxation.

The nice and strong building construction is created made from concrete. With white paint, the immaculate screen is spouted. Meanwhile, the minimalist style is used in this home by the rectangular shape. Actually, the ingenious architect, Dayala Rafael has combined the modern style with contemporary concept. So the comfy ambiance is produced.

At the front yard, the chop of wood is arranged well as the enchanting partition. Actually, with the glass wall, your scene from outside can be seen inside due to the translucent view. On the overhang, the comfy basking seat and chair will offer cool sunbathing in the summer. Besides, you can get fresh swimming in the rectangular swimming pool which is fulfilled by the blue water. Moving to the living room, the stunning furniture is equipped to welcome the guest with sweet greeting. Get well-done living by staying in this home!


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