Having uncommon furniture at home is always interesting. More new goods are going to always presented day by day. Thus, you keep on looking for the one that totally fits to your house and of course your personal desire. Check out this unusual wooden furniture cleverly created by VOLK Company coming from Brooklyn. The furniture stands out among the other creations because of its original idea that has been realized to one magical, highly unique multifunctional product. This thing comes out beautifully in natural wood and bright, contrast combination of colors painting, and that will absolutely blow your mind away.

By having this very unusual wooden furniture at home, or simply make it to be like the duplicated one, you will have an instant enjoyment of total cozy and rustic feeling. All the furniture materials are made from natural, high quality wood. The original color and carves are left uncovered. You will see other colors only on the front part. The neutral and special characteristic of woods is perfectly matched with wooden-covered also room wall and hall, or even futuristic-schemed other room complementing furniture. All curves and edges are finished richly by hands, equipped with strong brass pulls and legs.

What make this unusual wooden furniture has been the hottest trend and so uniquely special are the colorful pattern on the front side and the very flexible modular table. The lower part of the rack is box with sliding door, detailed with tribal accents in light orange and green. The part above contains the drawers, sliding-door box, and provides also two empty, wide enough spaces, still enlivened by the geometrical patterns in tosca. The modular table, finally, can be shaped as a hexagonal, or basically anything up to your imaginations. The triangular blue and green patterns add up the awesomeness.


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