The retro moment will be achieved in the modern Case de Madera home. The outstanding design in this home is constructed by Dorr Schmidt. He develops captivating home exterior from wood. Besides the retro moment, you will get eco-friendly and natural living. As we can see that at the whole part, this building is built from wooden material.

In the facade of this home, the classical furniture, ground urn, is used to complete the retro moment. When entering the home, the brown view is created from the wooden flooring, wooden wall, and wooden ceiling. The horizontal pattern is used to get fascinating view around the wooden view. But, you cannot underestimate this home. It is due to the modern style that is used to combine the classical sense. The modern vibe is portrayed by the glass wall. Those are great combination, right?

In every single space of this home, the lighting which turns in the ceiling and overhang create pristine spout. Moreover in the night, the bright lighting will vary the classical sense. In the facade of this home, the large swimming pool is built to comfort the fresh swimming in relaxing ambiance. The green greenery and big coconut tree add the tropical tone in this enchanting home. So, get in hurry staying in this home to enjoy the retro moment.


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  • Interesting interior home design with some clothes hanging on to the nails on the wooden wall in front of big glass windows with dark wooden frame in front of spacious courtyard: