Get a cool living by staying in the home like the enchanting design of the home innovated by Epb42. Really, you will feel durable staying there. Designed with rectangular shape, you will find the minimalist style. In addition, with the green environment surrounding this home, you will get the fresh ambiance. On the front yard, the large green grass is outspread along that space. The cactus is also fulfills the empty space in the yard.

On the overhang, the classical sense is created by the wooden furniture. The beautiful view is reflected through the blooming greenery in the front yard. So you can have beautiful moment in your relaxation. Actually, this building is combined with the modern style to get the luxurious vibe. With the glass wall, you can have translucent view to capture the cheerful sense outside.

Stepping to the dining room which is not separated with the kitchen, you will find the luxurious furniture. There are stunning table and chair, and sophisticated kitchen island. The wooden flooring with the smooth surface spouts the gleaming screen. Getting to the second floor, you will get nice step in the dark wooden staircase. Going to the bathroom, you can have cool soak by the immaculate space. Let’s design your home like this!


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