Podil Loft Apartment is situated in Kiev, Ukraine, and it is certainly a great example of elegant and sophisticated living space. Most of the tones are warm and earthy, and the overall layout is simple and yet highly inviting – not to mention also homey and warm. It is no surprising if the apartment gets such nice atmosphere, since it is designed by Sergey Makhno with its eclectic and stylish ambiance.

Another cool thing about the loft is the fact that it is designed and built in one of the most historical spot in Ukraine. Podil is an old commercial region in the city. After working with the plaster layers and remove all of those, brickwork and metal channel bars were implemented and revealed. In fact, these aspects were then restored and then polished so the original and genuine decorative element remains intact.

There are also other elements to include, such as concrete panels, white plaster, and wooden planks, to create such nice blend and mix to the place. See how the living room is fabulously designed with two looks of wall, the brick and concrete. It’s like uniting two styles into one, the classic-traditional and modern-minimalist results an excellent mix. The floor itself is covered in solid and well arranged oak, so it delivers this classy and timeless feel.

To enhance the contemporary atmosphere, the place is set up in open space design – as it can be seen from the roomy guest area, complete with the living room, dining room, and kitchen. There is also a children’s room with separated bedroom – complete with the balcony. Each of the room comes with wooden floors to get the warm feeling. To make it more interesting, the balcony consists of a spectacular bathroom with working station on the corner. If we’re talking about functionality and fashion, this one is the masterpiece.

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