One of the places on your house that can give you comfortable and nice relaxation is the bathroom. Bathroom is a place for having a bath after your sleep or busy work. To have a quality and relaxing bath can give a more quality and spirit to your daily life. Here, we found an inspirational bathroom design that can you apply for creating your relaxation bathroom.

This wonderful bathroom is redesigned by Minosa Design and is a part of a home in Balgowlah, Sydney. The bathroom uses marble and mosaic finishing that makes it looks beautiful and elegant. The marble material on the floor and some wall gives luxury and beautiful look to the bathroom. A modern tub with beautiful chandelier above will serve your relax bathing time. The white mosaic wall makes a beautiful backdrop for the tub. It is also gives luxury and elegant look to the bathroom. The beautiful light from the chandelier is reflected perfectly by this white mosaic wall.

The white curtain that covers the windows glass provides privacy for the bathroom. It is also makes the natural light that gets in to the bathroom looks more beautiful. The stainless steel faucet and tools make a beautiful combination with the marble wall. The large mirror with smart storage behind it provides both reflective surface and storage place for your bathroom tools. The elegant glass stool completes the elegant of the bathroom.


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