Vase is one of the accessories to decorate the room. It is usually used to put the flowers on it and it is placed on the table. But, the same time, the vase is not only for flowers but also for decorating the home. It can be placed on the home corner with the big size, so it looks elegant when you place the vase on the floor.

Besides that, you should understand the size of vase is so various and the material is like glass or ceramic. The vase can be designed as the beauty of room you will place on. Furthermore, the vase also can be used to enhance and improve your place to be more beautiful and amazing.

There are some vases for you to be used as the decoration in the home. The vas is such as the bright vases, it is designed uniquely, attractive and decorative to plants the flowers which have high quality that can sustain the water on the soil in the vas.

Furthermore, you also can use the floor vase of round clay works which can be placed on the floor. It is durable and attractive to be used as decoration. Then, metallic vase which can make the room so attractive and it is so amazing design of vase. Next, vase lamp floor is the kind of vase that is used as lamp. It is wonderful because the vase can light brightly.

Moreover, there are still many vases like Laura vase where the vase is designed so big with the small hole on the top. It is good for designing the room. Then, small round decorative white wash vase is used to decorate the room with applying the plant on the vase. Those are various vases which can be used to decorate your home.

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