Are you bored with daily activities? If you’re, please to book duplex penthouse and find happiness and enjoyment there. This apartment is located in highly eighth and ninth floor of latest building in Ostermalm, Stockholm and designed as a penthouse with 3,220 square-foot. You’re able to relax in each room with its artistic decoration and furniture. Furthermore, you can also enjoy terraces and the lack that’s located on the ninth floor. On the top of the penthouse, you’re able to see beautiful sceneries over the town.

Once you enter the room on eight floors, this penthouse welcomes you with unique decoration of abstract painting and tiger motif-carpet. Small and short sofa covers almost the room that’s offered by fireplace. Built along the beach, this apartment’s made of by glass. No wonder that almost this building’s covered by glasses, including its window and door. Sitting relax on the room, you can view how peaceful the beach. Flat television is hanged on the wall with some sofa in the front. Inside the wall, you’ll see shelf for book collection nearby television. Hence, after satisfied by enjoying beach’s sceneries, then you can see movies on TV or reading books conveniently. Home theater is ready for you. This enjoyable place with quite environment possibly creates such a good inspiration. This place’s suitable for family gathering as well.

This room’s designed by uniquely Siberian Larch, steel, and glass which makes the penthouse is cozy and feels comfortable to live. In particular room, the lamps are put on the roof without too bright since the room has got enough illumination from the sun directly. Therefore, you’ll see some lamps that aren’t that bright. On the upper level, you’re able to see beautiful city and the lake where you can sit and relax your minds. You can gather your friends and colleagues for having party here as it’s provided by some chairs and tables.


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