The Maribyrnong flat is a modern residence situated in Melbourne, Australia. It was constructed for a confident client with a huge budget who wanted a supportable staying place for him and family. The flat was designed and constructed by Grant Maggs Architects and it gives the expression of an interesting form, both in shape, choice and details of equipment.

The house is situated in a very amazing site and it is a combine of stunning design. The house has three floors. The creator used zinc as the main equipment for designing the house. The zinc and stone work appearance of outside of the house is elegant but simple and also mind blowing. The back side of the house is facing the river and has the features of glassy curtain block with enclosed balconies and porch that approaches wonderful scenery from all 3 floors.

The house was also constructed as an adjustable space with a useful planning. For these awesome feature it can be used as a family place with four members or a big party house or any occasions. You will get any type of facilities you want. The house is full of modern fittings and stylish and expensive furniture. All the things are very delicate, elegant but expensive.

There are lots of space in the house. You can utilize the spaces in any way you want. The whole house is made of glass wall. There is also a refreshing swimming pool in the lawn area. Also the house has car parking space. The house is made with flawless and outstanding design.

Also the architect ensured the quality of the elements with which the house was no worries of quick maintenance. The designer used the best quality and long lasting materials. They used bluestone, zinc, concrete, stainless steel and recycled timber wood. All these elements are expensive and trustworthy.

If you want some lavish holiday spot or amazing party place then you should keep this outstanding dream house as an option. Trust me you will have the most amazing and memorable time of your lifetime.

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