With so many modern appliances for your home, it will be great for you to make a combination with vintage stuff. What is so great about vintage stuff? Vintage things offer you a cozy and modish atmosphere. Now, do you want to try with old dough bowls? We have many ways to make them beautiful and so suitable with modern home décor.

Looking at dough bowl’s shape, you actually can use it to place fruit, vegetables, cakes, bread, cookies, and other things. The placing for those items will look so natural and fresh. Mostly, dough bowls are used to place things related to something you can eat, right?

Nowadays, there is another way to make use of dough bowls. Do you want to try to place your towels in a dough bowl? Your towels surprisingly can be placed very neatly in this old thing. Other way to make dough bowls look awesome is to put them in your living room. You can place candles in them and light them up. The candles in your dough bowls will add a romantic sensation for your lovely living room. It is very inviting, isn’t it? Placing dough bowls as ornaments are also suggested. You can also make use of them by placing sea shells, moss, and coniferous branches. They will be a centerpiece for your guests.


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