Every country has own culture, and mostly their culture are different among other countries. So, there are various styles in building the house style in each country. In fact, the different region has different style of building the house, one of various style in Italy is Doria which is located in the city of Turin. The naturalist, luxurious, modern but minimalisma are the Doria concepts.

One of the house style in the world is Doria. Doria is a term for a simple house in the city of turin in italy, Doria is the home stay which built in Italy, the room design reflects the excellent art, this is the building which has modesty style and the newest model and Fabio Ventolino as the designer .The newest apartment in Italy which offer the valuable art and natural point of view in designing the various room in Doria style. A flat-screen TV and wooden furniture which make this room beautifully, beside these characters the Doria home design are minimalism but modern building which focuses on interior clean and beauty design.

A house design in Italy is very famous in the world, one of them is Doria. home design reflect the arts in building the house, even if it is simple but modern style. At first glance, people see these buildings will think and believe if the building is like a house that is in Soho, New York. Doria is also designed with the theme of cleanliness and beauty. People will be amazed by the beauty in the curves in this house. The decoration interior and the exterior of room are fully white, the wooden furniture make doria looks comfortable and natural.based on the the description of the Doria home design, I suggest you to see the real of Doria completely when you go to Italy.


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