It goes without saying that a bed is the most important, and the most prominent component of our rooms. Most of us prefer to carry out most of our daily tasks whilst sinking deep inside the covers on our bed, be it watching a movie or reading the book we can’t get enough of. It can be conveniently deduced that our bed frames define the overall appearance of our rooms, so they should be chosen wisely.

Wood is the most versatile material which could easily be carved into exotic designs and shapes, and they never move out of trends. Unlike most of other materials, wooden bed frames only grow beautiful with age and rarely need to be replaced. Here are the ten most-wanted wooden bed frame designs to add the chic factor to our bedrooms:

1. Rustic Wooden Bed Frame With Mimicking Wall Piece:
This exotic idea aims at making the embellishment right over the headstand of your head which is an absolute mimicry of the erect foot stand. This doesn’t only make your room look better, but also fuller by eliminating unadorned walls.

2. Mountain- Brown Wooden Bed With Large Base:
This bed gives the cosy feel with its intense, yet soothing brown colour which is an appealing hue similar to the brown of the mountains. Dressed in white bed sheets and placed over a white carpet, your room could look like your very own hill station!

3. Built-in Beds:
Nothing looks more splendid than a large wooden bed squeezed between the walls covered in matching drapes. This dreamy style has a remarkably royal impression and a subtle appeal.

4. Platform Wooden Beds And Wooden Vanity:
Low-lying wooden beds, with chocolate brown colour placed amidst the white of the room are a sight worth paying heed to. If juxtaposed to a matching vanity, a dramatic effect can be attained.

5. Large Rustic Wooden Frames:
Wood ages so magnificently, that rusty wood itself finds a slot in the trending wooden frames. High, bulky beds with a rusty tint look remarkable!

6. Rusty And Curvy:
The modern beds tend to be a bit different, and curved headboards are major sights to feast on! A low lying, rustic wooden bed with a curved headboard is grandiose!

7. Separate Headboards:
Unlike the conventional bed frames, modern bed frames need not have attached headboards. A matching headboard separately fixed at the right height above the rustic wooden frame is the new cool.

8. No Headboards Found:
Even newer are the rustic bed frames which are trending without the traditional headboards. The bed platform lies below sconces or overhanging lights fixed where the headboards should have been.

9. Minimalist Rustic Platform:
These latest beds are easy to make and give the room a rather tranquilising look, by taking minimum space and don’t even dominate the rest of the fixtures without compromising on comfort.

10. Floating Platform:
This simple yet sensual design is a modern way of preserving simplicity whilst flaunting the design.