Life itself is very difficult when it comes to décor and trying to change the whole style of your home furniture. You go to various shops, try and figure out what stuff will look good in which place. It’s tough for those newlyweds who just shifted into their new homes and even those college and university kids who are fortunate enough to get their own Studios to live in. Home décor is tough and it doesn’t matter how old you are, it’s a tough little cookie and sometimes it will break you. But, if you’re looking for a new and improved spice to your home, that blends in nature and technology seamlessly, look no further!

Have you ever wanted to just live near a tree and be awesome and hippy? Well, we have the right thing for you, pendant lamps that dangle from a tree branch. There is such a great variety of pendant lamps that will make you keep wanting for more, because they look exactly like pendants (from the exception that you can’t really dangle them from your necks, that will be really weird and creepy, of course)! This design is not an ordinary pendant lamp design, but it rather infuses nature and gives the old dry out branches a new chance of life, basically a great form of recycling.

The only thing needed is a sturdy tree branch where you can find from anywhere, give it a new look, or anything you want to give it, give it a Christmas-y feel with the red and green bulbs, but all in all, it’s your own design that matters. The best thing is that you’re not going to be restricted with one lamp design for life, you can change the lamps whenever you feel like it, go out and buy a good one that you feel will look great with the branch.

You can create different views on the branch, though, either use a bamboo shoot to spice up the lounge or even suspend the branch from the ceiling and get the tree of life drawn on the wall to give it a more realistic and a better effect of nature.

Though, finding the right branch might be difficult, but never cut one from a tree as the strength will be gone from it and it might even fall right after you try to adjust the lamps, so it’s easier to just scour for one that is already detached form the tree. You will probably need an electrician, probably because you might even be one, that would be the most excellent part because it will save you money. The whole branch feel will give you different emotions whilst you sit and have your tea, because the smell will make you feel as though you are sitting underneath a tree, outside. Even the atmosphere will feel more close to nature due to the setting and the branch. Do try it out, it’s guaranteed to make you feel great throughout the day and the whole setting is cheap and affordable!

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