In this modern era , where you are overwhelmed by commotion and the perpetual cycle of socializing and greeting and putting up smirks at your work, you need some time alone for yourself because soliloquy is the best way to gather your mind and think about all the things you are missing in your life and find a solution to finish this increasing dearth.

Most people just live their lives condoning significant aspects of their life because they are always surrounded by people and can’t seem to find any kind of privacy for themselves not even in the bathroom. Now we can spend millions on constructs that can help us achieve some kind of privacy, when all we need is a trifling amount of frosting which can bring serenity in our lives and evict the tensions that hover upon us.

The glass panel in your bathrooms can easily evade your privacy as it is highly transparent, however with DIY bathroom window presentation, you can easily achieve cheap privacy that can not only keep you feel at home but also eradicate anxiety and the inherent feeling that someone is always on your back.

The treatment is simple and does not require any kind of sophisticated equipment. All you need is a simple set of things which include a pair of scissors, a paper-cutter, a sharp knife, a credit card, frosting contact paper and windex.These things are easily found in the market and won’t require any kind of Assiduous effort to gather, just visit your nearest local store and you’ll find them easily.

• Step 1: first of all to initiate the treatment, you have to clean the glass stains very carefully and then peruse the whole glass panel to remove any doubts about any types of contaminants because once the process of frosting sets in, you don’t want tiny granules or lint that may take refuge.
• Step 2 : skin off some frosted paper and try not to be stingy but generous whil peeling the corner of the frosted contact paper so that larger amount of paper can compensate for any kind of mistakes such as bubble formation. Work your way from the bottom and steadily make your way to the top sticking the paper to the glass panel.
• Step 3 : It’s time to take out your credit card , well not for financial reasons or buying groceries from a nearby store but for a much greater reason which may include providing a clean , smooth surface to the frosted paper removing any kinds of bumps on the way.
• Step 4: now take out your razor sharp edge knife and get ready to assail those nasty bangs of your frosted paper, ensuring smooth edges.
• Step5: You’ve done the hard part and you deserve to be rewarded for your efforts. You can lock the door and indulge in a soothing bubble bath far from all the commotion. What kind of music do you like? jazz, classical? Or are you an Eminem Enthusiast? Tune into it and enjoy!

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