DigsDigs is a company that works in house interior and exterior design. This company offers their design product to inspire people in the way to decorate their house. In July 2013 DigsDigs best designs are provided. The best designs are provided in five options of stylish house designs. The first option is humorous and whimsical interior of London house. This house type has the unusual house interior that used to decorate the house. This house type use light colors combination and unique accessories that give the humorous touch. The whimsical looks come from the placement of the accessories of the house.

The second option of DigsDigs Best designs is a house design that especially offered to people that love high technology looks for their house. This second option named Futuristic apartment. This futuristic apartment designed using bright light colors combination which gives the futuristic touch. The wall is also designed with aerodynamic wall decoration. The third design is Lake House design with stylish and cheerful silver style. This design use wooden tiles and also large screen windows. The walls are colored in green so the nature touch can represent the natural atmosphere to the house. In other words, this design is a merger of traditional and minimalist house type.

The fourth of DigsDigs Best designs is an apartment design using calm café au lait apartment interior. This design gives the atmosphere of the room to relieve the members of the room from their stress feeling. The combination between orange and brown color makes the room has cozy atmosphere. The last option is a design of apartment using Swedish style. This design uses natural material as the interior and accessories. The using of big tree surrounds give shades to the room. This last option of five designs is the best natural design that the member of the room can feel fresh inside.

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