Offices for many are second homes. The way we adorn our dwellings to attain comfort and luxury is quite applicable to the workplace we own or work in. Insipid offices transmute our customary schedules into an unsatisfying grind. Interior and other architectural features can easily make you feel better while you are working your hours at the office, and may even make you like your Mondays!

Meetings are an integral part of our businesses. Considering the pivotal role played by them in forming business and organic relations, the aura in which these meetings take place has to be appealing and absolutely pleasing to the eye. Competition is an essential factor when it comes to making business deals. Not only will a cleverly designed meeting space make the whole process more enjoyable, but would leave the participants agape, helping you in gaining an edge over your competitors.
Denis Chigidin, is not only a one-in-a-million interior designer but is an innovative being who oozes out ideas which are alien to most of the people belonging to his field. Notable around the globe for his unparalleled designs, he has some utterly delicious and totally enchanting ideas about how to revamp and modify the executive meeting room to help you leave just the right mark on your partners.

Marble flooring can be replaced with subtle maple flooring, with a glossy finish, according to Chigidin who uses his unconventional expertise to overcome overgeneralised interior designs. This is one replacement that could help you deviate from the usual and exhausted use of marble floorings. It adds to the sophistication of this important room, whilst still retaining relics of satisfying simplicity.

Chigidin prefers better ventilation and light inlets. Vertically elongated, and curved glass shutters with alternate strips of transparent and opaque glass add to the chic array, whilst letting in adequate light to illuminate nearly every corner. A view of the outside serves as a natural relief when you are too officious to notice the world outside.
To go with the flooring, Denis chooses wood of a relatively lighter hue to cover the walls around the aforementioned windows, with an entirely different pattern of linings to distinguish it from the floor.

The King of the meeting room, the meeting table, receives special attention form this marvellous interior designer, who substitutes the traditional, sturdy prefixed wooden table with a chic, rectangular table with a lustrous wooden top. The legs are made up of metal, with a needle-like shape, giving it a very jazzy display. The old, hard-to-drag chairs are replaced by lighter, grey coloured chairs with the same needle-shaped joists.
A buried wall unit makes up one of the walls for this meeting room designed by Denis Chigidin, which has arbitrarily carved, square-shaped compartments to hold decorative objects to add perfection to your meeting room.

Denis wonderfully does away with the over-used lighting patterns and introduces striped recess lighting and a mighty, overhanging lamp to impeccably brighten up just the right spaces, and also to serve as a mini spotlight.