You can start decorating your rooms with colorful pompoms. Many of us conventionally think that pompoms are only for kids but do not think that way anymore because they can be something practical yet artistic for your home now. What can you do with pompoms? Here are some ideas for you and your lovely home.

First, you can make pompom furniture. You can just cover your furniture with pompoms to add a warm feeling for your room. You can also decorate your home with pompom curtains, wreaths, rugs, garlands, and other fun stuffs that can just help you to color your home. You can apply all those ideas of decorating to your kids’ rooms. They will love you for making their rooms cozy and fun.

Now, a bit talk on ideas of arts, what about pompoms in your dining table? That can be a brilliant idea to make those pompoms a centerpiece in the table harmonized by a dry branch. For your terrace and bedroom, you can also put pompoms for your pillows and blankets. You can stitch them to the egdes of your blankets and pillows. The additional pompoms will add a colorful and affectionate sense. Isn’t it great?


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