Dining table becomes important now, right? It is not just an ordinary table. It becomes the hotspot where you and your dearest sit together and talking to each other. Tcherassi Vilató in Barcelona realize that and make the table that have a knife shape and fork shape leg called Let’s Eat! This table is so funny and fresh. It must be a great idea if you want to purchase this unique table. It may bring the bright atmosphere and get rid of stiff atmosphere in the room. This table be a representative the characteristic of yours that fun, sweet, energetic but romantic. This table is so recommended for you.

The base of tray and leg are from the laser cut iron, this kind of material is strong enough for being your dining activity assistance. You don’t have to worry about the power of this unique table because it is so sturdy and so durable. It require low maintenance too, you just clean it up by a dry cloth. The top of the table is a set of detachable strip from the solid wood material. You can easily remove the wood from the table and clean it up then you can set it again into the frame and voila, it is your dining table again. This kind of mechanism is give a big advantage for you because the table can fully clean up, you do not have to crawl into the underneath of your table.

This unique table is a custom table. You can choose the width and length you want and you can choose the color too. This table will come in a few different neutral colors. This unique table can be your best furniture. You don’t frequently see the dining table that have a knife and fork as their leg isn’t?


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