One of the funny interesting which comes into your mind now can be realized through many ways. You must never imagine that a Polka Dot patterns not just can be found in your clothes or accessories but also can be the one of your funny inspiration for the interior decoration. The using of Polka Dot patterns on the wall paint is very good idea. You can combine it with any cute colors to make your home cheerful than before.

The first picture represents you a simple glamour one. With the black Polka Dot on the black paint wall. It gives a simple glamour sense for your kitchen room. The black and white theme combining with the beautiful chandelier, it is very elegant. For your lovely daughters bedroom you can use the cute combination ideas between the light pink color and the green yellowich Polka Dot color. It makes your daughters room more cheerful.

For your baby boys bedroom, you can use the irregularly size of Polka Dot pattern and use the combination of dark green and brown color. You can exchange the position of the base wall paint color with the Polka Dots color in the four side of the wall. Adding the cute decoration like some ballon in your nursery room is also very creative.


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