Living room or sitting room is a cozy area in a house beside the bed room. It is the place where you usually share your story with your family, so the furniture of living room can define how comfortable you want to stay. Choosing the elegant and stylish furniture can be a right decision to make your living room become lovely. There are many ways to do it; one of them is by choosing the right coffee table design for your room. This kind of table is usually put between two or more couches.

If you love elegant and minimalist style, you can choose this coffee table design. This table has round shape and the size is big enough. It consists of two layers, the glass on the top and the wood on the bottom. The surface of the table is a clear and charming glass. It makes the living room become more inviting and intimate. The clear surface exhibit the beautiful cross metals which encounter in a small circle on the center. It adds a modern impression of the table. The strong wood base is also seen from the top which makes the table looks sturdy.

The stylish interior of coffee table design above is fit to the other modern furniture to furnish your living room. The coffee table also becomes staple furniture which is designed to put some daily stuffs when you are relaxing. The table is designed with four spaces below which are separated by metals. So, you can not only put the things like a cup of coffee or television remote on the top of table but you can also put the book, newspaper or magazine under the table. Finally, the coziness of your living room can be determined by the right choice of your coffee table décor.


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