One of the hottest trends in 2014 is combining two different selections between decoration pieces and assorted art work. You will have many advantages from this apartment, because this apartment designed not only to create an inimitable and distinct apartment but also to reflect the taste of the owner and reflect his personality. This building belongs to a luxurious loft apartment where were in Canada, exactly in Toronto. This building can be the one of example of creative approach that was in Canada. Come to this apartment will make you feel enjoy because its variety design that you can see. It is so immaculate.

modern loft with creative design

Jayanti Lai and Stephane Chamard are designer and stylist who made a life design and juggle a apartment become beautiful and unique with their design. From the picture, you can see that the apartment has brick walls with beauty plastered, glittering marble and industrial background that can you feel warm. It also completed by large framed that consist of black and white photograph, outstanding wall art and also bold purple as the accent of this apartment. The hang black lamps make the room of the apartment add the unique of this place. May be you never think that brick walls can used to make your house become unique, you can look at this design as your reference.

This apartment has an opulent bathroom that completed by marble that can make this apartment become extravagant apartment that loved by many people who stay in. Another it, this apartment also has beautiful desk and chairs that can make you enjoy on it. you also can create or draw any picture that you like because this apartment has a blackboard in one of its wall so that you can change the picture as you want even every day to explore your skill.

living room with wall art

hats and coats hanger for living room

living room with black and white photography

Black accents for white interior

home office with fantastic seating idea

living room with pendant lights

interesting design for modern black kitchen

purple accents for white contemporary bathroom