Cat Hill Barn is just a perfect example of peaceful and serene house with classic grayish cover that looks stylish in retrospect, not dull or boring. This house is designed and created by Snook Architect and it is situated in Hoylandswaine, England. As the name suggest, this house was originally a barn that was converted into a classy and stylish house. It combines modern and rustic feel to deliver unique and peaceful atmosphere.

The dominant color of the house is gray and silver, with white and others included here and there. It is homey and cozy, with smart arrangement and layout. The living room, for instance, comes with gray concrete floor with white ceiling and wall.

There is natural fireplace from stone that delivers rustic feel and the light gray sofa looks great when paired up with the light gray rug. The concept to use the fireplace as divider between living room and kitchen is just clever. This way, fireplace delivers multi functions that not many people realize. Behind the fireplace, there is the dining room and the kitchen. The kitchen alone looks great with the black and white theme. The ceiling is high and there are some of the wooden elements included in the design.

The bathroom is certainly cool and stylish, with natural stones included in the design. The wall for the sink and the faucet is made of black stone, so you get this natural, enjoyable, and warm feeling even when you are inside the bathroom.

The house comes in two stories setting, and the upper side is mostly covered in wooden floor. There is also mixture with glass elements, so the overall design and appearance is simple and yet highly stylish. The corridor on second floor that is secured with thick glass is simply beautiful. It matches the wooden floor and white wall very well.

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