You can expect living in medium or not-so-big apartment if you come with cool effect design theme. As this penthouse doesn’t come with overly wide and roomy space, the design comes in very clever and cool arrangement. Cool colors are also used to deliver widening effect and not making the space becomes overly bigger so it will look crowded and cramped. Here’s the good news. This penthouse looks and feels like home making it perfect for small family with kids. Look at the room arrangement which uses every inch of the room so well. Every inch of this house is made to provide comfort to the owners.

This penthouse comes in cozy, homey, and bright theme. The 914 square foot apartment is located on an old building from 1926. It is situated on the sixth and also the top floor in Gothenburg, Sweden. The main dominant color is white, as well as other cool colors, such as light gray, pale light blue, and also light beige. For instance, the kitchen is covered in white, the wall is in dark gray, with white cabinets and countertops as well. To make it a bit warmer, the top of the counters are covered in dark wooden brown, so the effect won’t be boring.

The living room is also white, white white-gray rugs, light pale blue cushions, and also white TV cabinets. To make the room a bit lively, there is a dark blue desk as the focal point, so the overall design won’t be too plain. These cool colors are certainly great to deliver cool effect, which makes the room look and feel bigger in the end.

Other colors are used as accents, as we can see from the children’s playroom. The colorful toys, the bright and catchy rugs, and the colored accessories look contrastive – in good sense – with the white walls and theme.


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