Many of us that live in a city always found a small house or apartment to stay. However, it does not mean that we live without artistic feeling. We can decorate our balcony in a simple yet elegant design inspired by Scandinavian touch. What criteria to make your balcony looks very Nordic?

There is nothing complicated to design your balcony with this style. All you need is the right composition of color, furniture, and greenery. Find your favorite light colors such as white, beige, light brown combined with dark color in black or grey. Other popping up colors may come to shade the needs for having brightful mood as long as the main Scandinavian character does not fade.

You can add more wooden or stone material for your furniture to make your balcony blended in a unison of natural elegance. Plus, it also builds your balcony’s surroundings in an ideal calmness that you always want to have in this modernity with rushed hours.

For your balcony’s last touch, you can have greenery to feel something fresh. Even more, you can put some scented candles to help you feel relaxed with romantic lanterns lit. A soft blanket is allowed to comfort your way to take a nap in your small but warm balcony. Isn’t it great?


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