You can vary the color of your living room, dining room, bedroom, even until bathroom with only the combination of red and grey. Why it must be only red and grey? They are an elegant and refreshing color. These colors chill your room’s atmosphere.

With red and grey, you can creatively design your rooms to do a mid-century, minimalist, glamourous, or retro style. You need to pick those styles based on your own taste to make your rooms comfortable for you to enjoy. If you want to mix red and grey, for a mid-century style, it accentuates the collide of modern and classic styles that represent industrial era. If you want to pick minimalist, instead of using neutral colors like white, red and grey can be a perfect minimalism. Being minimalist at once can show its luxurious side as well.

You also choose the colors’ levels from dark to light in whatever way you can match them with anything attached to your rooms, like home furniture and accessories. You can suit red and grey with the same colors applied for home furniture and accessories like pillows, cushions, rugs, benches, tables, and many more. With that, we assure you that the rooms will be filled with a daring elegance. Isn’t what people are looking for?


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