Now let us have a look at a Melbourne apartment designed by Dan and Paul Honey Fuog. The basic concept for this apartment is the feeling of home. You can just check throughout each room of the apartment and see that the natural instinct for you to love this apartment is because you feel like you are at home. This is what modern people are looking for. They want to have a warm hospitality like it is their own home.

The apartment accentuates spacious feel to the owner. The walls of the apartment are white with wooden material’s combination to create the cozy side of having airy rooms. The apartment interior is modest in a way that color the tenderness of each room. All rooms in this apartment are very convivial.

The apartment also offers the owner with a limited texture or pattern and color pallete. In that sense, the designers want the owner to blend with the natural sensitivity of feeling homey. It is intended to make the owner find his or her own character to fill up the atmosphere of the apartment. Greenery can be your alternative way to color your white-wood color. This apartment can your choice in getting you close to nature.


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