Google is famous and well known for its spontaneity, creativity, and also quirkiness. And those are things reflected in its office. When you step into the building, not only you will see such beautiful and stylish working space, you will also feel at home. It is certainly cozy, comfy, and homey. There is no cold or dingy work place. No doubt, it’s one of the best office building ever designed. Not only is it attractive due to its interior setting but also functional due to its facilities.

This Google office is located in Tel Aviv, and it is certainly a piece for the sore eyes. It is designed and created by Camenzind Evolution, working together with Studio Yaron Tal and Setter Architects, the Israeli design teams. You get to feel the modern and contemporary touch, by going through time and also space.

There are some unique accents and designs for the overall structure and décor. For instance, you get to walk through orange orchard like in a storybook, conference room with its topsy turvy model, and also marine time computer lab.

All the meeting points are located in corners and spots with big glass windows overlooking the city so you can have this marvelous view of the city underneath. The official meeting room comes with simple black and silver design, but there are unique accents as if most of the furniture is defying gravity. You get to see chairs or table accessories on the ceiling or on the walls.

There are also convenient lounge with hanging chair models where you get to relax and laid back a while. There is also another conference room with all wooden elements – and not to forget the glass windows element. And the canteen is absolutely a masterpiece. It’s like the first class restaurant with classic setting. The floor, the wall, the furniture, the accessories are simply stunning.

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