What about bird cages for home décor? They are very unique to fill your house, aren’t they? If you never try it, then this will be your first and special moment to decorate your house with them. A bird cage is something representing the Victorian feel or like a bohemian tone. What can you do with a bird cage as home décor?

First, you can use it for a lighting. When you have candles, then you can put bird cages covering candles so they look like candle cages. Second, you can also use bird cages as décor that can vary in its form. You can place them near mirrors or covering a pack of books. You can make a flat rack in bird cage form that can be used to hang photos.

The other idea for bringing bird cages to your house is by making them to be planters. They can be a house for greenery. In addition, you can place the bird cage as a centerpiece for your tea party’s tables. For outdoor purposes, you can put your brid cage as a hanging planter to feel bohemian tone. Aren’t they great ideas to make bird cages home décor? Aesthetically and practically, bird cages are just amazing.


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