kids bedroom green

Turning your kid’s room into a Disney land is not at all that difficult, all you need is your imagination for the kind of room you want to gift your child.
Here is the list of ideas that can assist you while you try to formulate designing plans for your kiddie room.
Think of same color for ceiling and walls and a different pattern on ceiling with same base color can give a different appeal to your kid’s room. Go for colors like pink, purple and shades of red for this idea.
kids bedrrom
If not paints, then a simple yard of fabric turned out to look like a canopy can create a dreamy look for your princess’s room. This idea looks well when you use a single color as a highlight and base color as white.
kids bedroom
Supreme area which creates a new definition for kid’s room is the ceiling. You can design and think of creating optical patterns and or illusions of football or basketball field for the little champs can look marvelous.
Such things are not just part of décor they becomes the part of their dream as well. Kids love to be around the things they love and thus design can help them so.
Sometimes a false ceiling in a different designer shape infused with lights gives stylish and illuminated feel to the entire room. This is for your style and décor conscious kid. They will surely fall in love with those designs.
You can use the same pattern opted for ceiling to be the highlighters to be used as rugs , cushion covers or puffy so that people can connect and design comes out well.
Sometimes , if the room is well lightened or connects to garden , then such rooms can look heaven by using brighter shades of yellow or orange with base white color.
Try to give them the open sky look by using purple, blue colors to create fake clouds for ceiling.
If you can’t do anything then give them the night blue sky and take the glue and stick those glow stars that give them sleeping in open sky at night.
If paint in your cup of tea then go for bulbs and tie them together making a long garlands and tie them in a zig zag position to give that fairy land look in the room.
If you are an ace painter then go grab those colors and start visualizing, you can disappear the look of a room and can convert it into a garden of those little cartoons that your kid loves to watch.
kids bedroom green
No matter how good you ponder upon. The matter of fact lies in the space and the likes of your little one. They may suggest you good creative ideas as well.