This house is developed by Seattle based architect from Van Deventer + Car lander and is state of the art and one of a kind .It has this artistic touch that can lure any art lover towards itself and its construction depicts a true sense of aesthetic superiority that is unprecedented and unique at the same time. It is a treat for the art lovers to satiate their love for beautiful murals and other paintings of such sort which clearly and purely manifest an artistic splendor and bring a vibrant touch to the whole house.

It doesn’t cover much area but its vertical construction allows colossal amount of space to live quite comfortably without any complications kind and in no way do you feel any kind of hardship due to crowded space. It has a bit jaded to the right geometry.
There is a children’s area in the ground floor where your children can indulge in activities that they may find a source of jubilation and merriment. It has enough space for them to do what they want quite cozily.

There is also a guest room which is beautifully furnished and decorated along with a glimmering wooden floor which supplements its beauty and enlightens its surroundings. The guests can lounge there and lie down and enjoy their visit to your house and also complement its majestic landscape after they leave.

There is a loft like space leading towards the living rooms which are also quite beautifully furnished and resourceful. There are glass panels in the entrance which provide an open to view and a transparent environment with a beautiful painting suspended on the front wall as you enter the house.

The contrast of colors used in the walls is also quite magnificent with shades of dark and light carefully spread all around the house. There is a stairway that leads to the lush green lawn providing an evergreen environment. At times during the winter, when you feel quite agitated by the cold you can bask in the sunlight and feel its warmth and refresh yourself. The geometry of the house is quite symmetrical and rhythmic and at the same time unorthodox but makes the house quite presentable to the viewer.

The equipment used building the house is not only durable but of well certified quality. It has a structure which is made of Corten rusted steel providing it a splendid look. The glass panels used in the house and the windows sills are also of reliable quality and can endure many years of harsh weather rest assured.

The house itself is carefully built and doesn’t need additional flattering but negotiates its price itself. If you’re looking for some place that is quite different from normal residences found in the indigenous areas but is also cozy and provides you with all the necessary things to carry out your everyday activities and live peaceful, you surely need to check this vintage two storey house out and you will not feel disappointed, but you’ll feel quite overwhelmed by its beauty.

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